Welcome to our new running club!!!

We call ourselves “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem”. We hold running events known as “Hash Runs” every other Saturday in the afternoon and in the evenings during Full Moons. Our runs are typically three to four miles in distance. Hash runs are unique in that the organizers, the “Hares”, set a trail of flour and chalk for the pack of runners, “Hashers”, to follow. The start location changes for every run and the routes are different. No two runs are alike. To make it fun and challenging the hares try to misdirect and confuse the pack of runners in which direction they should go. The faster runners are up front looking for the flour marks on the ground. Sometimes they go in the wrong direction or follow the wrong marks, “False Trail”. They then need to retrace their steps and search in other areas. This allows the slower runners or walkers to catch up. Together we run more or less in a social group “pack”. Of course in the middle of our runs we have to hydrate with refreshing beer/water stops. Everyone then stops and socializes for a bit. The events are a lot of fun and you almost never notice the physical exertion part. The routes often go into interesting areas including a lot of forest, which we call “Shiggy”. We also do pavement, and trails are usually a combination of both. Hashers soon learn never to bring their best running shoes to a hash event! After the run is complete we get together, “Circle”, to jokingly critique the hares and hashers on how well they performed. We then follow up the “Circle” with food and drink at a local establishment.

Who can attend?

Due to the adult nature of drinking and the colorful language we use, it’s recommended that only 21 and over should participate. Children can attend, but it is strongly encouraged that the parents or guardians participate in at least a couple of hash events first so they can judge whether it is appropriate for their children. Children should always be accompanied by a supervising adult. Hares will have the final say regarding children attending each hash event. There might be issues such as indoor beer stops that don’t allow children, or there might be physical challenges that children will not be able to overcome. If the hares don’t mention children’s attendance in the event description, feel free to reach out to the hares directly.


Dogs on a leash can attend our hash runs since we are mostly in public areas. However, the hares have complete discretion due to the nature of the trail route, such as climbing fences, indoor beer stops in bars that don’t allow dogs, etc. There are a few dog guidelines:

  • Don’t trip other runners with the leash
  • Loud barking dogs are a distraction
  • Dog must get along with other dogs.

Many thanks for those joining our new club!!! See you on trail!!! On-On!!!